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Looks amazing and it has a nice vibe! Somethimes thats all you need, a game to enjoy in the crazy mess of traveling.


Good looking game and interesting atmosphere. Joyful fishing.

I managed to get some fishes and fed the family, yay! :D

This is good stuff. Good job!


Love the rowing mechanic, I'm going out on a limb and guess it probably isn't super complicated under the hood(?), but once you get it going it fills you with this feeling of accomplished awkwardness :P

The graphics looked good before, but together with the music creates a very meditative atmosphere.

Still kinda unsure who he's planning on leaving to the storm with only 3 tickets though o .o

:D thx

Rowing is simple state machine with "left key" and "right key" + adding force.forward on entering each state :)

About leaving: my bet is on Karen.


This game is so beautiful! From the calm music, to the soft and easy transistions this game feels like it has a very high level of polish! I had a lot of fun trying to catch fishes! I wish there were some buried treasure to catch too. Unfortunately I got stuck in the menus? But they were so beautiful I did not mind! Thank you for making this!